Fixture S1 Carrying Case out now on Amazon

Designed by Austin Stark of Fixture Gaming, the creator of the Fixture S1 mount, the official Fixture S1 Carrying Case is the best way to take your Switch and Pro Controller on the go.

In Fixture Gaming's first Streamer Compilation video, a variety of well-known streamers check out the Fixture S1 unit and Carrying Case (4K):

If you’ve tried the Fixture S1 before, you know it’s absolutely the best way to play with a Pro Controller in portable mode. The Fixture S1 Carrying Case is equally sturdy – protecting your console, Pro Controller, and Fixture S1 with minimal fuss. Its careful design prevents the Switch and Pro Controller from being accidentally turned on while stashed away – avoiding a dreaded drained battery. Like the Fixture S1 before it, the Carrying Case is built to last – thanks to precision engineering and superior materials.

When designing the Fixture S1 Carrying Case, the goal was to make the Pro Controller truly portable. The Pro Controller clearly wasn’t initially designed to be portable: If you touch any buttons, the Pro Controller turns on – and the Switch subsequently wakes up as well! More often than not, the result is a drained battery. To prevent this, the Fixture S1 Carrying Case includes a slot that fits the entire assembly perfectly – preventing any buttons from being accidentally pressed. The case also features nooks for the charging cable and game card slots – and boasts a nice, grippy carrying handle.


Keeps your Switch, Fixture S1, Pro Controller, and games safe from monster encounters and other everyday hazards.
Outside shell is made of high-strength materials with an understated design.
Superior fit and finish, easy to carry – and it smells good to boot!
Allows you to take your Pro Controller anywhere


The Fixture S1 Carrying Case is now available on Amazon for $24.99. A bundle of the Fixture S1 plus Carrying Case can also be purchased for only $49.99.

Amazon (Fixture S1 Carrying Case):

Amazon (Fixture S1 Mount):

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