New Buttons on controller by GuliKit have 50 million times long life

As the most frequently-used peripheral for game play, controller with high quality and excellent performances matter much more when we talk about great gameexperience. Right now players still often have to face annoying issues such as stuck button and button disconnection on controller.

In order to improve the button performance on controller, GuliKit has built a new technology on button. The new technology offers a new structure for button suspendingposition in use which eliminates the issues of being stuck and disconnection for buttonson controller after long time use. The button feels same as the current common usedbutton with conductive rubber pad, but it has long life up to 50 million times in test, muchlonger than averagely 1 million times for the button with conductive rubber pad.

The new button has strength accuracy up to ±0.1N for perfect gaming experience,andalso allows easy change on button cap.

This new technology will apply on the new controller by GuliKit in the next half year of 2021. By then players can know more details, have less button issues and enjoy better gaming experience.

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