Earlier in May developer, Dreamteck announced the upcoming Steam release of their paper plane adventure Lifeslide. The title is now confirmed to make an appearance at this year's E3 event and the good news is that a public demo is just around the corner. The official Lifeslide demo will release on Steam on June 12th - with the start of the E3 event for all enthusiasts to try.

During the E3 exhibition, variety streamer Waterlynn will do a playthrough of Lifeslide and for all E3 attendees, Dreamteck is hosting Zoom meetings as well as Twitch streams where keys for Lifeslide will be given away.

Lifeslide is an atmospheric paper plane flight adventure through life. Master an engineless flight mechanic as you travel through an ever-changing landscape towards your destination. No narration, no texts. The story is implicitly told through the environment - this is your journey, and you decide what to make of it. The game is releasing on Steam on August 6th.

• Experience 28 procedurally generated stages of life in Story mode.
• Customize and replay your favorite moments in Zen mode.
• Weekly challenges
• 8 paper planes with different styles of play.
• Original score combining electronic, rock, and orchestral elements.
• Full controller support

Developer Dreamteck is a small indie studio based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Founded in 2015 by three university students, the studio initially focused on producing plug-ins for the Unity engine. Sharing a common dream – to produce an original title, the team began conceptualizing a game idea that would later become Lifeslide.

Initial development was self-funded and started in mid-2016. Thanks to the game releasing on Apple Arcade in Fall, 2019, the team has been expanding and working on improving the title in every possible way ever since.