With the booming development of game and entertaiment industry for many years, controller has become the most frequently-used peripheral for game play. Controllers withhigh quality and excellent performances matter much more when we talk about great game experience. Manufacturers have been striving to build better controllers,but until now,annoying issues such as drifting,stuck button and disconnection are always botheringplayers with bad experience and cause constant complaints and even class-actionlawsuits.

Specifically speaking about stick, when analyzing the causes of the drifting problemonstick, it is not so difficult to find that in general, many are caused by reasons likethewearing of the metal contact and carbon film inside of the stick, damp and mildewinginside, dust blocking and other problems. But only fixing these issues by repair can not becompleted to avoid and such issues may easily orrur again,because the fundamental reason that brings about these problems is the carbon film potentiometer.

Carbon film potentiometer is the common used part on stick for many controller. It hasmany advantages, but its structure determines its natural defects. After some time use,it can be worn out and cause unknown liquids, dust, or residues inside which result inconnection failure, performance degradation, and drifting is the common phenomenon.

To solve the drifting on controllers,Guli Tech has designed a new stick by Electromagnetictechnology. Instead of carbon film material, the new Electromagnetic stick usespermanent magnet materials and electromagnetic linear Hall technology to achieveprecise positioning for operation. Its sensor is suspended and has no contact with the magnetic rotating shaft,which completely eliminates the problem of carbon filmwearingonthe current sticks.

GuliKit Electromagnetic stick solves the drifting ultimately,while it still features high precision, long life and smooth experience. Guli Tech will release newcontrolles with the new electromagnetic sticks,and there won't be much difference in price. Players can enjoy much better gaming experience without drifting botherings any more.

Via GuiKit