Swarm the City Free Demo Out Now On Steam


Game publisher Seasun Games is releasing the demo of Swarm the City on Steam for free today. The game will be fully released sometime between Q3-Q4 2021. In this demo version, players can have the first try of most of the core gameplay, and experience the unique setting of Zombie’s revenge through 3 major chapters.

Compared with the last Alpha test, the new version has updated lots of new content such as new zombie generals, boss fight, human army units, and more levels. It will be the first open testing for all players.

Swarm the City is an isometric zombie strategy game in which, unlike most other zombie games, players will act as the king of zombies to command a zombie army to infect human beings, infiltrate and attack their cities. Use good strategies and avoid getting your zombies killed by cops.

Swarm the City has 20 unique simulated cities, and an army of cops and soldiers with different weapons, mechanical robots, and vehicles with turrets, operating under different social patterns.

You can also use the skill option of injecting the plague before the start to affect the situation, a bit similar to the setting of the Plague Inc.

Key Features

Form a zombie army
Build different kinds of zombies
Infect humans by consuming their life source
Army operating under different social patterns
20 unique simulated cities with abundant residents
Human armies of cops and soldiers with different weapons, mechanical robots, and vehicles with turrets.

June 16th Update

Tutorial improvement: Added a new background story and a more detailed tutorial with new gameplay.
Zombie Generals added: Flamewalker, Corrupted Lich, Amalgadon. Players can acquire Zombie Generals by using the skills.
Canceled the Talent Tree from the old version, and added Skill Trees to Zombie Generals. Players can enhance Zombie Generals by collecting Life Source.
New stages added: Added stages 3-2 and 3-3 on top of the last build on May 12th.
New game modes available: Hard and Challenge modes are added to chapter 3. The Challenge mode is much harder.
Boss fights added: All the stages of chapter 3 have Boss fights in the end.
New human combat units added: Sniper, Flame Bio Soldier, Frost Bio Soldier, and Acid. Bio Soldier.
New functions added for human constructions.

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